mercredi 16 novembre 2016


Hello I'm Anass a student in GS Le Détroit ; Today I'll talk about my favorite genres of music. Music has always been an imporant thing in my life and the language of emotion.

I listen to a lot of genres of music like Hip Hop, it is always confused with Rap ( However it's always accompanied by Rap, but that's not true for all the Hip Hop singers). My favorite singers are Fetty Wap and Akon and their best songs for me are Trap Queen ( and Right now (

I also listen to electro-music which is a genre who realy make me happy and relaxed. I don't know how to explain that but when I listen to a song of this genre, it's like the music sends me to another world. Max styler is the best DJ who record some good songs to hear like Badman (

I also listen to a genre who is really famous in France, it's the Afro-Trap, a mix of rap and african music; this genre was created by MHD, a really good singer who was delivery pizza but his talent and his courage made him a famous singer around France and Africa. For me his best song is A Kele Nta (

I don't really listen much to Rap but there is one song of a famous english youtuber who is KSI and the song is Lamborghini (

I'll finish with a proverb "Music affects us on an unconscious level, before we have time to think about it."